7 Steps to Get Sales from Your Social Media Marketing

7 Steps to Get Sales from Your Social Media Marketing

For most people marketing their business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube or any of the other social media platforms, the ultimate goal is to get more sales…

Get more sales from your Social Media marketing,

Getting more sales is perfectly possible, in my last business selling magazine advertising space I had a ROI of over 300%. I spent £950 on my campaign and generated £4,083 of business for this. And that £950 spent was purely on man hours, nothing else. (Hint: Do not forget to place an appropriate value on the time you spend social media – your time is money!)

But to replicate that success there are some things you need to know.

Social Media marketing isn’t the same as any other form of marketing, but just like other forms of marketing it takes time to be effective. Opening a twitter account on a Tuesday is unlikely to lead to more sales by the Wednesday!

Also, if you are spending time talking to the ‘wrong’ people on the ‘wrong’ platforms you won’t get as much as you want to from it – you need to know who your customers are and where online they are likely to be.

So what do you need to do to get more sales?

1. Tell people what you sell.
Whatever your business or product is be upfront about it, tell people what you sell and what you love about it. Most products and services exist because customers want or need them so feel free to tell us what you can do for us! Being English I do feel somewhat embarrassed doing this so I schedule posts like that, and am constantly amazed how much they get retweeted!

2. Don’t tell people what you sell!
Of course you can tell us, but don’t make the whole conversation about it! Tell us about you, ask us about us, make sure you are having a dialogue not just shouting out your wares! Small talk is one of the hardest things for most companies to indulge in online, but it is one of the most important. When you are selling face-to-face do you talk about the weather? Or the football results? You bet you do and it puts your customers at ease – do the same online!

3. Link to your website
Make sure you have links to your website on every social media account that you have, it’s by far the most common way for people to buy online so make finding it easy. Blog regularly, give people lots of reasons to visit your site, and link to it in your posts when it’s appropriate. Don’t make us have to click off from where we are to find your website link before we can click it!

4. Make buying easy
Ok so this one isn’t just about getting sales from social media but when people have clicked through to your website from wherever they’ve learnt about you, do make buying easy! Not sure how? Take a good look at Amazon! They make buying as easy as possible but with enough steps in the journey that we don’t feel our money is being grabbed before we are sure of our purchase.

Think about what’s right for your site, can you add a wish list function? Or suggest extra products to people based on their choices?
How long does buying something take from start to finish? Do you need people’s email addresses? If so when do you ask for them? Do you explain what you will do with the email address and do you have autofill enabled on your site to make it quicker for them?

How can people pay you? Have you thought of turning your Facebook page into a shop using Facebook credits? Can you accept PayPal? Or how about letting people pay with a text … Or even a tweet?

5. Thank people for buying
It’s just common curtesy but do thank people from buying from you, when it’s appropriate thank them publicly on Facebook or twitter. This will make them feel good and have the added effect of allowing other potential customers to feel comfortable choosing to buy from you! But do make sure it’s ok to publicly thank someone – pharmacies shouldn’t publicly thank people for buying hemorrhoid cream or a pregnancy test for example!

6. Provide extra value
Again this isn’t just about boosting your sales through social media, but repeat business from any source is good! How can you provide extra value? Could you give a free sample of another product or a voucher off their next purchase? If so why not connect this with getting them to like your facebook page – that way you increase the chances of repeat business, especially as they have already bought from you.

There may be other ways you can think of to provide extra value such as giving advice, whatever is right for you and your product or service do it, and if you can, tweet about it!

7. Keep talking with your customers.
This is the most important one, keep in touch! Even if that customer is not likely to ever buy from you again (it does happen – we’ve just bought a lovely wood burner but as great as the service was we’re not likely to buy another one anytime soon!)

Let them know you are there if they have a question, ask them how they are getting on, or even just indulge in a little small talk with them. They may not be future customers but this way they won’t forget you and you’ll be who they recommend to others!

Over to you – what have you done that’s helped you pull in sales from Social Media? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Rana Shahbaz

    Really important list for social media marketers.

    I think social media is totally different from traditional marketing.

    Social media is all about connecting with people on a personal level and when you really connect with people and add value to their lives sales part kinda take care of itself.

    1. Gemma Thompson

      Absolutely, it means you really have to like people to be really succesful at it. But then that reaps other rewards to because it usually leads to people really liking you back!

  2. Timo Kiander


    These are great tips!

    I agree – Amazon has made everything so effortless. It takes just a couple of clicks to make the purchase.

    Also, thanking the customer personally is a big thing for me and I consider buying again from that same person, if the seller is willing to add some personal touch to the buying process.


  3. Steve Baines


    Great post with Great tips! People get so frustrated with Social Media, but don’t realize it’s their own fault. Point 2 made me realize something: It’s funny how they try to market the way they used to on old mediums on this new medium, but they don’t converse the way they used to. In a face to face sales call, it’s normal and easy to talk about the weather, sports, and the client, but on Social Media they won’t shut up about themselves.

    1. Gemma Thompson

      I know – I so often hear that social media is full of ‘nonsense and people talking about their lunch’ and to an extent it’s tru! But actually that small talk can tell you a lot … IF you listen to it!

    2. Gemma Thompson

      Hi Steve, thanks so much for commenting! I agree with you, I see people chatting about all kinds of things at networking meetings before they launch into their 60 seconds but then just bombard people with sales messages on social networking sites! I often teach people to pretend they are talking to someone from a networking meeting, someone they’ve met a couple of times and like but don’t know too well yet. The power of questions can’t be overstated!

  4. Ryan Hanley


    Really great stuff. I like the section about making buying easy. That is very important. When it comes to sales online people want EASY or they wouldn’t have gone online to purchase in the first place.


    Ryan H.

    1. Gemma Thompson

      Hi Ryan, that is so true, I was reminded of this when buying some theatre tickets recently, it took less than 5 minutes from start to finish, maybe a minute or 90 seconds longer than doing it face to face would have as card details have to be entered not scanned, and they had 1 additional security check. But it still saved me the time of going there to purchase, and I’m happy that they are acting securely so no problem for me!
      Thanks so much for commenting, it is really important to keep those customers needs in mind as you say!

    1. Gemma Thompson

      Chris you are absolutely right! That’s something I always do … To the point where I worry that I look like a cyber stalker lol! But it works, I’m always told by my customers and those that hire me to speak that I ‘pop up everywhere’ :D

  5. Tom Treanor


    These are really great points that I notice are lacking on other business websites and I know to be true about my business or site as well on occasion. This is a great list that you’ve collected and if we went through each one and graded ourselves (and improved) I do believe sales would go up. Thanks and I’ve tweeted it out!

  6. Hector Avellaneda

    Excellent points Gemma! I know that when ever Ive bought a product or a service online one of the things that I actively look for is ‘how easy is it to buy something’. Now i know most people aren’t looking for this but being an Internet Entrepreneur myself it’s something that I look for because it tells me whether or not the person pays attention to detail which could have some correlation to the attention to detail on the product itself.

  7. Shanna Mann

    I could have sworn I commented before! I guess the internet ate it… like washing machines eat socks. :)

    I’d love to see a social media guide for coaches. We have such a wide marketing funnel, and often it’s not kosher to tweet about our amazing clients, so I often find myself stuck for something to say. Random inspirational ‘quoteables’ don’t really roll off my tongue. :)

    1. Gemma Thompson

      Shannon your wish is my command! Though it may take me a couple of weeks to get it written!
      Glad you are not too keen on the quotes … I personally think they are so over-used that they have lost their potency.

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