Are you Stumbling Over StumbleUpon?

Are you Stumbling Over StumbleUpon?


StumbleUpon is one of the biggest traffic drivers in the social media world, yet it’s one with the fewest members!

It has just over 10 million members, but these members look at and share over 1 billion web pages per month! Impressive!

What StumbleUpon does is simple, it asks you what kinds of things you are interested in finding online, then it presents to you webpages that fall within your definition.

According to WikiPedia it does this by using “collaborative filtering (an automated process combining human opinions with machine learning of personal preference) to create virtual communities of like-minded Web surfers.”

What you need to know so you are not stumbling in the dark is why you are stumbling!

Is it

  • Purely to send traffic to your own site
  • To find great information to share with your audience.
  • Both of the above

If you are looking for more traffic Stumbleupon is great, most social media sites will send a surge of traffic that may last from a few hours to a few days. At that point the traffic will trickle away and things will be back to normal with a few days. StumbleUpon is the one notable exception here, as it tends to send traffic a little bit slower but will last longer.

However it does have to be said that the traffic coming from StumbleUpon may not be of the same quality. Often when a stumble comes across your content they will click on it, but they may then find it’s not what they are looking for so leave again fairly quickly.

Having said that it is still definitely worth having a StumbleUpon account and submitting your blog posts to it regularly as it helps you reach new readers. So what if only 1 in 25 become regular readers? That’s still 1 more regular reader! And they may well tweet about your blog or share it on Facebook, getting you more readers along the way

If you are stumbling to find information to share Stumbleupon is also useful, though a little slow. The more specific you are with the categories you select and the people you follow the better you will find it works for you.

Starting Stumbling

StumbleUpon lets you set up a personal profile.
It offers you categories so you can define the type of sites you want presented to you, the definitions in the ‘popular’ category are fairly broad however, so you may be presented with 10 pages before you stumble upon one that really does interest you. I recommend checking out all the possible categories by clicking on the A-Z tab, you’ll find a lot more there and it will really help to make your stumbling more satisfying.

When a page is presented you can also see who else likes it, this can help you find people to connect with on stumbleupon.

Your profile is updated automatically, every time you give a site a “thumbs up” it will be placed in your favourites. It will also be more likely to be presented to other stumblers that have expressed an interest in that topic.

What's on a Stumble Upon profile


Connecting with other Stumblers
There are various ways to connect with other stumblers, but the most important thing to remember is to find people with similar interests to you as the websites they give a thumbs up too will be presented to you the next time you are browsing that topic.

Hopefully that also means that they are also likely to be interested in your blog posts and may well give your pages the thumbs up.

The first thing you can do is find people you already know. Stumbleupon will scan your address book, twitter followers and Facebook friends for you and show you who is already stumbling that you might want to connect with.

I am very selective about who I connect with here, stumbling isn’t the quickest process and I use it to find new posts to share with my audience and to share my posts, I don’t use it for general discovery so although I will happily connect with people from all walks of life on facebook, twitter or LinkedIn, I won’t on Stumbleupon. Here I only connect with people I think will like my stuff and vice versa, for me this is not the place to read about a new accountancy practice or cupcake recipe.

Creating or joining a community within StumbleUpon of like minded people can really help your blog. You can share pages with specific people and if you all agree to click ‘like’ on one another’s pages they carry more weight and will be presented to more stumblers, thus increasing your chances of blog traffic.

So, do you use StumbleUpon? What do you like most about it? Leave me a comment to let me know! 


  1. Helen Neale

    Hi there, Gemma; great post.

    I submit to StumbleUpon and also use it to discover new interesting content. My only problem with it is the effect it has on my site bounce rate.

    As you say, some of the visitors are not that engaged, so leave fairly quickly, and typically only after looking at the “stumble” they are presented with. Having said that, I am currently getting about a third of my traffic from there. Hopefully, when I have more to showcase, there will be more engagement :-)

    And as you say; if I get one from 25 interested, that’s a good hit rate.

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