Book Reviews

You’ve only so many hours in the day, still you want to invest some of them in developing your social media marketing … but how can you make sure the books you are reading are worth your time?

I promise only to review books that I have read and be utterly honest in my recommendations – if it’s rubbish, I’ll say so! If I haven’t read it yet I won’t risk wasting your time, it’ll only be here when I have read it!

Not all the books are about social media marketing because there are other great books that have fantastic ideas and principles that you can apply to your social media marketing.

I hope you enjoy these books and find them helpful. For help with applying them to your business please contact me.

The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World
by David Kirkpatrick

This book gives some quite fascinating insights into the ethos behind the company. Useful for understanding why Facebook is the way it is and for predicting what they might do in the future.

Although it is a lengthy book the style of it made it feel like a quick read. Recommended for social media managers and for business growth specialists particularly.

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This is Social Media: Tweet, blog, link and post your way to business success
by Guy Clapperton

Not a book I’d recommend in most circumstances, a fair amount of negativity and the author does not have a thorough enough understanding of the subject matter or of consumer psychology. He is enthusiastic about how twitter has helped him however and this may be suitable for a complete beginner if they don’t let the negativity scare them too much!

Branding with Brains: The science of getting customers to choose your company (Financial Times Series)
by Tjaco Walvis

This is an excellent read for business owners, marketers and consumers! It discusses some of the best marketing ‘tricks’ but also looks at the ethics of using these to persuade consumers. The author would like you to read it as much to protect yourself from buying things you don’t want as to help you grow your business sales (as long as you are ethical!)

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Gemma Thompson is a communicator and endlessly curious. Use of Facebook & Twitter led to excellent brand awareness for her start-up business a few years ago. In less than a year she had a substantial ROI – £4,083 of business for £950 hours spend, and was being asked to teach others how she was doing it! She is now a full time social media consultant. For help growing your business through twitter, facebook, blogging or LinkedIn get in touch.

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