Companies That Use Social Media Well – Happi Days Dog Day Care.

Companies That Use Social Media Well – Happi Days Dog Day Care.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of companies that use social media really well, unfortunately it seems that bloggers only ever talk about Scott Monty at Ford, Gary Vaynerchuck or Zappos! Great as they are, I thought you might like to read about some local companies that use social media well! Hopefully they’ll inspire you and reassure you that social media success is very achievable!

They’ll be more to come on how different companies are using it in future posts, and just so you know, not all of these businesses are my clients! I’ll let you know when I feature those that are, but today’s company are not my clients and created this wonderful page with very little Facebook knowledge!

This is the story of how a local dog kennel in Rendlesham, Suffolk, has made Facebook into a window on their day-to-day life…

Happi Days Dog Care are not your average kennel, instead of a place that takes dogs for a week at a time while you are on holiday, Happi Days allows you to leave them there for the day, really it’s more like a childcare facility for dogs!

While there, they play with doggy pals matched to their own temperaments. Happi Days have games, climbing frames, hidey houses, ball pools, paddling pools and lots of other toys and activities.

This business being a completely different concept from most dog kennels did have a bit of a problem though – getting people to understand the service they offer! Trying to express everything they do in a print advert isn’t easy! They do have a great website but they found that most of their business came via word of mouth as their customers loved them so much.

Happi Days started using Facebook in May of 2011. They had a fun day coming at the end of summer and a customer suggested it would be a great way to advertise that. At the time Helen, the owner, had never even used Facebook for personal use so she took a real leap of faith investing time and energy in starting a page for her business.

As you can see, just a year later, they now have 258 likes on their page and they have a whopping 12% engagement!

What Happi Days does that works so well started almost directly after the fun day.

They had put a few photo’s up and their customers were thrilled to see their dogs having such a good time. This was a real lightbulb moment for Helen, as she says “I feel the customers pay us for their dogs to have a really good day, of course we tell them that they’ve had fun but they feel much more reassured when they can actually see pictures of their dogs playing and having fun.”

Helen’s right! Here’s what one of her customers had to say, “PLEASE carry on with the photos Even my friends and family have a look at them including Holly my daughter in Canada. Its fantastic to see our dogs having such fun and games Lulu absolutely LOVES Happi Days and its so obvious that ALL the dogs do Your care and efforts are very much appreciated by your doggy attenders and their owners.”

Happi Days posts hundreds of pictures a week! but Helen says it hasn’t really added any extra work to their schedule. “We always used to take tonnes of pictures of the dogs playing anyway and there is often somebody manning the reception desk who can add the pictures to the page while they are there.”

Although Happi Days use their Facebook page mainly as a customer service channel, good customer service usually leads to more business. My mother takes her dog Hattie to Happi Days once a week and I know she wouldn’t willingly stop as she can see how much fun Hattie has there!

Of course the Facebook page also provides real insight into what Happi Days is all about, meaning that those that are a little unsure whether it is a good as it looks from the website, can see exactly what happens every day! And read testimonials that are obviously from real customers right there on the page! Now that’s transparency!

Of course I couldn’t leave this post without also sharing a picture of our very own Hattie that Happi Days posted on their Facebook page – here she is having a well-earned rest during her birthday party there!

Over to you – do you agree this is a good example of communicating with your customers through facebook? What have you learned from this that you could apply in your business?

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