Could Your Facebook Profile be Deleted?

Could Your Facebook Profile be Deleted?

Facebook are starting to delete what they consider to be ‘fake’ profiles.

Over the last week or so I have heard various reports of profiles that violate facebook terms and conditions being deleted, meaning the people behind these profiles are unable to access anything from that profile – pictures, contacts, the lot – all gone!

But are you at risk?

And if so what can you do about it?

You’re at risk if you have more than one facebook account, or if the name of your facebook account is not that of a real person (a lot of businesses create profiles for their businesses rather than pages, and call them by their business name … if this is you act now!) or if you have created an account for a pet etc.

All of the things listed above may seem harmless, in fact I’ve had two profiles now for the last few years. I took bad advice and before I knew it I had too much going on with my ‘business’ profile to try and merge the two. Essentially I did it not because I have anything to hide but because I didn’t want to bore my friends and family with work updates, or bore my professional friends with my home life!

Most business people have home and family lives too, and really sharing a bit of your personal life with your work associates is a good thing. After all, people buy from people! There are a lot of us out there juggling work and family just like in this picture, and Facebook is actually full of great groups set up to support and encourage this, so why not be yourself? If you feel a little nervous about what to share and what to keep closer to your chest have a read of this post -> How to be Personal and Professional on Facebook

Being a business person and a regular person on facebook

Unfortunately there are a lot of people that create duplicate profiles in order to spam people or to insult people, so facebook has to tighten up.

But there’s no real need to worry if you have duplicate profiles, this has given me the kick I needed to merging my two facebook profiles, and you can do that too! Simply decide which profile you want to keep and which will go. Then pop a message on your page telling people what is happening.

Before you go any further make sure you downlaod everything from the profile you are wanting to delete, every picture, every video etc.
Next make sure your two profiles have each other on the friends lists. Once that is done simply log into the profile you want to keep, go onto the profile you wish to delete and start friend requesting everyone.

As I’ve often mentioned here, it is easy enough to use lists on facebook in order to make sure that the right people see the right updates.
When you are friend requesting someone a little box will pop up enabling you to put them in a list straight away – DO IT!! It is so much quicker to do it that way than to have to sort people into lists later!

AND it’s also easy enough to set your facebook security settings so that private family pictures don’t get seen by casual acquaintances you have met through work! If you’re not sure how then click here for a series of videos to take you through the process.

If you have a profile that is under a business name you need to convert that profile to a business page.
Business pages have almost all the same functions as profiles except that you cannot friend request people or message people, however they do also have the added advantage of insights which will help you see how effective your facebook use is.

If you want to convert your profile to a page click here … don’t worry all your friends and subscribers will be added automatically as people that like your page. That means all your hard work isn’t lost!

However you may lose your pictures and videos so it is worth downloading them into a file so you can re-upload them later. (If this all seems to stressful please feel free to call me and I’ll do it for you!)

If the worst has happened to you and your profile has been deleted, click here to get in touch with facebook to see if you can get it restored!

Over to you – have you ever had a profile deleted? What would happen to your business if it did?
I’d love to hear your comments!

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