Facebook Funnies!

Facebook Funnies!

One of the things I love about Social Media is the laughs I can get while busily working away – they help lift my mood and that makes me more productive I’m sure (and if it doesn’t I don’t care!)

So I thought I’d share some of my favourite funnies about Facebook with you today – and hopefully introduce you to some talented cartoonists!

First up is Rob Cottingham whose blog Noise to Signal regularly makes me chortle

Noise to Signal Cartoon

Noise to Signal Cartoon

Noise to Signal Cartoon

The next three I haven’t been able to find out who created them, just some of those funny things you find floating about on the internet – but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

And lastly here’s one from Dan Piraro of Bizarro Comics

Hope they’ve raised a smile for you :)

Oh and don’t forget – if you did chortle share the giggles by clicking any of the buttons below!


    1. Gemma Thompson

      Here’s hoping that I have introduced a few more people to you for yet more induced chortling! Thanks ever so much for popping by and saying hi – and thanks even more for all the chortles! :D

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