Facebooks Promoted Posts – A Way To Boldly Go Where No Post Has Gone Before OR Just An Excuse to Klingon To Your Cash?!

Facebooks Promoted Posts – A Way To Boldly Go Where No Post Has Gone Before OR Just An Excuse to Klingon To Your Cash?!

Forgive the Star Trek Puns but it seems the rumblings about Facebook’s new promoted posts are going stratospheric!

Even Mr Spock’s infallible logic could have a hard time understanding this – but read on and maybe you’ll be illuminated!

Famous Star Trek Actor Mr George Takei (Mr Sulu) did the same as I did a couple of days ago and asked his fans to click like or comment on a post to make sure they keep seeing them …

So it’s not just us lowly small business owners that are upset about the fact we spend so much time crafting engaging content that may never be seen by those that have taken the trouble to like us!

Unusually though, a facebook employee who has been working on promoted posts and knows the story behind them inside out actually took the time to respond to Mr Takei, here’s what he had to say …

Promoted Posts Row

The link in that picture isn’t live so if you do want to watch the webinar click here.

I know from my own experiences that my page posts have never reached my entire audience but I also can’t help agreeing with Mr Takei that it does seem worse than ever and that this is so they can make more  money.

Now as a page owner I actually don’t have much of an issue with paying facebook some money, I think that it is a great site and a great way to communicate with people. However what I don’t like is the feeling of being manipulated into it.

I also don’t like the idea that facebook decides what I do and don’t want to see. If I have clicked like on a page then let me see what they post, if they are annoying I can always pop over there and ‘unlike’ them. That is by far the most honest way of going about things.

Matt Kruse from Social Fixer summed it up really well in a comment on Phillip Zigoris’s post. He had this to say …

Promoted posts row

… And as you can see quite a few people agreed with him!

What’s your take on it? Do you think Facebook are just trying to help page owners get more views or are they just after your money?
Or maybe you think I need to lay off the Star Wars Jokes? Share your views with me, I love to hear them!

promoted posts row

Oh – if you want a little more information about how edgerank works read this!


  1. Carmen

    Thanks for this Gemma, but I am still unhappy with the way FB ‘works’ now. Interaction with my page is way down, and is only highlighted by the insights – rather than disproved by it. I do see a lot of posts by pages – and have checked that most have the ‘show in my newsfeed’ is selected, but I’ve ‘liked’ over 1000 pages, and I do not see updates from all of them. So it stands to reason that others do not see all of my updates. I find it very hard to believe that FB have not changed *anything* at all – there are just too many people who have seen a change. I also see a lot of people moving over to G+. I am sure that things will eventually calm down, but when and what FB will look like at the end of it, is anyone’s guess.

    1. Gemma Thompson

      Hi Carmen,

      Thanks for commenting, I agree with you, I think that I would rather be able to see which pages are posting rubbish so I can unlike them! And for those of us that work hard to produce useful content it is not just annoying but undemocratic – after all this should be a way of the cream coming to the surface but if facebook arbitrarily decide not to show it then the cream can never rise!

  2. Mustafa Kachwalla via Facebook

    So, if I’ve understood this: Page owners posts will only go to i)those that like a page AND ii)have in some way interacted with the page; otherwise posts will only be shown in the newsfeed to your widest audience if you use the promoted posts tool (and that takes precedence over your edgerank). Is that right? If so then in some ways I can see the logic in this :-)

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