Five Things to Say on Social Media…

Five Things to Say on Social Media…

One of the biggest fears people have on social media is figuring out what to talk about!

You may have heard (particularly if you’ve been reading my posts for a while!) that broadcasting is bad, that you shouldn’t just dump the link to your website everywhere, and that social media means you need to be social.

But being social online can be hard. Many people experience the kind of anxiety they had on the first day of school or work!

So what can you say on Facebook? What will get people to talk to you on twitter?

1. Ask questions

What do you want to know about the people following you? Questions will help you get those answers and get talking!
And there is no end to the variety of questions you can ask, from the simple ‘How are you today?’ to complex Market research questions.
All of them are good, all of them count, because every question you ask shows you are interested in other people!

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2. Talk about your hobbies.

We all work to live not live to work … Or at least aspire to! So what do you do when you are not working? What are your driving passions?
Whether you love sport or spend your free time knitting talk about it! There will be other people out there that feel the same way … even if not about the same thing.
You may also be surprised at how often our hobbies re-inforce some of your key brand attributes, the company virgin is seen as adventurous, unafraid and exciting, words that could just as easily describe it’s founder Richard Branson’s hobbies!

3. Talk about your daily business life

Got a big new deal in? Excited about the new logo your designers done for you? Struggling with your website? Tell us! Sharing little bits of your everyday work life can help build confidence and allows your followers the opportunity to actually care about you and your business! And if you do have a problem with something you may just find that one of your connections has the answer!

4. Share useful information

Whatever your industry I bet you know more about it than I do, you are an expert in your field. So when you find some information you think is useful, share it. It doesn’t matter one jot that you didn’t write it, as long as you don’t claim you did! What matters is that you’re taking the time to share something with me that I might find useful. It’s a small kindness and as such will encourage people to think well of you.

5. Promote yourself.

Just because you shouldn’t sell non-stop doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell at all! Letting us know that you have a sale on or a workshop coming up is fine. That way, if we are in the market, we have the chance of buying from someone we know and care about at least a little!

Still feeling a little wary? Get in touch now and I can help you find your social media voice!

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