Flaunt Your Flaws!

Flaunt Your Flaws!

In the past marketing has been all about showing your business in the best possible light. Companies have spent many thousands of pounds on charities for the good publicity it brings, they’ve paid the cleverest photographers to capture pictures of their products looking better than they do in real life, and they’ve tried to convince the world that every single one of their employees is bathed in a beautific joy just thinking about answering your call!

The reality, as we all know often doesn’t quite match the image!

Marketers that do this are completely out of touch with reality and with current trends.

These days people want honesty over fantasy, they want truth more than a dream and they want interest over perfection.

Showing your personality through social media marketing

Don’t believe me? Look at how Wedding photography has changed! 20 years ago all wedding photo’s consisted of the happy couple outside the church lined up with their guests all ready to be shot … say cheese everyone!

Now the preference is for reportage style photography. Yes the happy couple still want to look good and see all their families and friends enjoying themselves, but these days it’s the experience of the day they want to capture – they want the shots of granny doing the twist with no shoes on and her hair all messed up! Those are the shots that show real life, real passion, real personality!

The pressure to be perfect that we all succumbed to last century has caused a bit of a rebellion.
In fact even Hollywood has been affected, girl next door glamour has been on the rise for sometime now with actresses like Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock leading the way.

Although both women are attractive they spend more time dancing badly and snorting when they laugh than they do looking wistfully at the camera. And these very ‘flaws’ are the reason we fall in love with them.

Perfection can be awfully intimidating, and often more than a little dull.
I for one warm much more to people that snort when they laugh, than I do to people who won’t let themselves laugh in public for fear of snorting.

This has obviously spilled over into marketing your business too.
These days people want to get to know the person behind the business and prefer the ‘girl next door’ (or local business) to the Hollywood Glamour girl (or huge corporation)!

And if a business makes a mistake in their dealings with me that’s ok too … as long as the mistake is dealt with not ignored!

The trend for honest marketing is on the rise.
Personally I hope that it’s much more than a trend, that there will be enough marketers with ethics out there to make a real and sustained difference.

So don’t worry about presenting the ‘perfect’ image through social media too much…
Yes it’s a good idea to think about what you say, and sometimes a little self-censorship is a good thing. You should always proof-read a blog post before you publish it just as it’s wise to wash before leaving the house every day.

But don’t beat yourself up over the odd spelling mistake or occasional rant (like this one!) that shows a little passion. Sure not everyone will agree with you on everything, but you’ll find a lot of people that like you more and therefore want to buy from you more!

Over to you – have you ever bought from a company because they seemed warm and friendly rather than purchasing from the big corporations? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Kieran O'Connor

    It’s a very interesting concept Gemma. I guess it’s really about striking the right balance as an implicit part of how you are perceived by your customers is the question of customer expectations – always difficult to manage, I think.

    But, as I say, a very interesting point and certainly worthy of some thought.

    BTW – A small point about your website : the “hi there..” pop-up on the right-hand side of the page I find very irritating. It may be because I’m not used to this sort of thing as I have AdBlock Plus enabled in my browser and so I don’t generally see “junk” embedded in a page. Just thought I would mention it.

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