Getting over your PinPhobia!

Getting over your PinPhobia!

Speaking to several clients lately has revealed there is a new social media fear emerging … The fear of pinning pictures on Pinterest!

Now this isn’t altogether surprising, a few months ago there was a slew of articles about Pinterest’s terms and conditions and the possibility that pinning a picture from someone else’s website could end up with you in court getting a whole lot of legal costs pinned on you!

Pinterest without the fear, don't be scared of Pinterest

However since then Pinterest have tweaked their terms and conditions, showing that they are a site prepared to listen to their users!

And if you still feel wary look to see whether the we site has a ‘pin it’ button, like the one you see on the picture above. If they do it seems unlikely that they will be unhappy about you pinning it!

If you are a professional photographer or an artist you may well be concerned that people could steal your images.

But you needn’t be; the size of the pictures pinned makes them difficult to use anywhere other than online.

I myself have pinned pictures of artwork on some of my boards, especially for a board that seems to have become dedicated to the redecoration of my bedroom. But far from losing the artist a sale they are more likely to gain one from it. It’s not worth printing out these images as they would be little larger than a postage stamp! But by pinning them I can easily return to the website that sells to purchase when I am ready.

It’s true also that the inspiration from any pin could lead to out and out plagiarism.

But quite frankly that has been the case since time immemorial!

In fact if you fear that you should never consider putting any of your work on any kind of public display! A painting is no safer in an art gallery than it is on Pinterest, and engineers have long indulged in ‘reverse engineering’ where they buy a product, take it to
pieces and rebuild it to figure out how it works and produce their own version.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t protect yourself from this, whether through copyright or patents, but don’t let the fear of it get in the way of you and your business.

My personal Pinphobia…

Was that I would reveal too much about myself through my pin boards, do you feel this way too?

It’s understandable isn’t it? After all everyone has different tastes whether we are talking about food, art or even technology! So sharing my personal taste in an area like bedroom decor felt a little too intimate at first!

But I soon realised that people on Pinterest aren’t there to criticise me, they are looking for things they like!

If they see images that you’ve pinned that don’t resonate with them they probably won’t even notice who pinned it – I know I don’t! But if they do share your taste a sense of kinship starts to build, and that’s something worth pinning a smile on for!

What worries you about Pinterest? Or are you a bit of a pinaholic? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Planet Penny

    I managed to read this article despite having to overcome my phobia, not of Pinterest though, but of spiders!
    It’s nice to have some reassurance about using Pinterest as I love it, and I think it’s been a help in reinforcing what my Planet Penny website is all about.


    1. Gemma Thompson

      Sorry Penny!!!
      I used to be phobic about spiders too and I think I partly chose that photo as I’m not anymore … my way of saying ‘in your face spider!!’
      Look forward to seeing more pins from you :)

  2. Ferret

    I just went to pinterest to see how much things had changed, and yes the terms and conditions are much better now. However, it looks like the scammers are having fun too. I’m a quilter so I searched for quilt patterns to give me some images to check. The second one I looked at is a lure to get your personal details. which takes you to, You nearly had me convinced that I wanted to get involved, but I really don’t need to wade through more spam and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to report this sort of thing.

      1. Gemma Thompson

        Hi Ferret,

        Well done for finding the spam report button, spam is a problem on most sites I know but have to admit I haven’t come across too much of it on Pinterest, I’m glad you had the sense to see it was spam.
        I’ve answered your other point where you posted it on facebook – sorry for the delay replying I’ve been out all day with clients!

  3. Tracey Clayton

    I love pinterest just to remember where I have seen things. I source photo organising products for people and acid free photo boxes are like gold dust so its easy to just pin them as I come across them and hold them all in one place. I love it!

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