Google+ and Business – an Overview.

Google+ and Business – an Overview.

Since it first arrived on the scene around nine months ago, Google+ has become increasingly familiar with many internet users. However, not only is it several steps ahead in terms of looks and efficiency, but it has also opened many new doors for those of us who are using it for business purposes. Yet whilst Google+ has several exciting new facets to consider, a lot of people will still not fully understand its true capabilities or just what it can help us all to achieve in the long-term…

Take ‘Google TV Ads’ for instance. This concept makes it far easier for us to reach a specific target audience whilst also giving us a real glimpse of just how important internet-based advertising campaigns are set to become in the years ahead. Of course, the Google+ search vehicle will continue to evolve over time so the future is bound to reveal many more exciting additions and possibilities!

Here are a few other observations about the Google+ platform. Whilst this article will not answer all of your questions about the latest Google incarnation, it will (hopefully) give you a little more insight. The long and the short of it is that Google+ is an exciting new tool and this post should show you just how much it can be used in your favour.

• How Your Google+ Profile will Affect Your Search Position

Of course, it is also important to know exactly how Google+ is going to affect and/or influence your search positions. In fact it is crucial for anyone in business to have a fundamental understanding of this!

When you create a profile on Google+, you have the ability to personalise it. This will help your company to appear in the most relevant search results. And that is all great news for anyone in business because it means that you are far more likely to show up when any potential clients have entered keywords into the search bar that are linked directly to your line of work! Your profile will even appear within a specific location on Google+ which can work especially well if someone is looking for a product or service within a certain area.

Google+ Profile, Google+ affects business

• How we are all Choosing our own Search Results with Google+ (Whether we Realise it or not…)

Because the Google+ engine works on the principle of ‘circles’, your online behaviour is definitely going to have a big effect on your own search results. For example, let’s imagine that you are an importer of vintage American comics and that you are in regular contact with other suppliers. So far so good because the Google+ ‘circles’ thing will definitely work in your favour with this.

But just what will happen if you were to carry out a search for ‘stand-up comedians’ who are putting on a show in your area? Well, because Google+ is not intelligent enough to distinguish between ‘Hulk comics’ and ‘ha-ha comics’, this could really throw a spanner in the works as far as your search results are concerned! This all means that you may find yourself getting very few genuinely accurate results that are properly relevant to your original enquiry…

• Using Google+ to Plant Small Acorns (and Grow Mighty Oaks!)

Just about everyone will be familiar with the ‘+1’ button and it can now be found on a plethora of different websites across the Net. In fact, these days it has become just as popular as the Facebook ‘Like’ button.

But the best news of all is that this little ‘+1’ chap can do wonders for your business. To put it bluntly; the more quality clicks that you get on your ‘+1’ button, the higher your company will rank in the search results. However, here is a strong word of warning –

DO NOT be tempted to ask friends or family to start clicking away at the +1 button on your site unless you are also getting clicks from other sources – the +1 clicks need to come from outside of your circle of contacts as well as from inside to be seen as genuine. This underhand tactic will be picked up on by Google very quickly and your website may well be penalised as a consequence. It is also an equally bad idea to ‘purchase’ +1 clicks from any companies online…

The bottom line to boosting your own SEO on a daily basis is to act above board. A few minutes of genuine activity on Google+ will have a far healthier effect on your website in the long term, even if it doesn’t appear to be doing very much to begin with!

• Keeping Things in Perspective with Google+ (and Understanding how to use it PROPERLY)
Even though Google+ is a powerful tool when it comes to climbing the search results (and this has been proved with independent experiments), we should not rely on it solely for our SEO. At the end of the day, Google+ is a social channel and we should always treat it as such.

Placing too much importance on Google+ alone would be putting all of our eggs in one basket. After all, true Search Engine Optimisation is quite an art and it should always be left to the experts!

• Never be Afraid to ask for Further Help or Advice!

This article may cover some of the basics of Google+, but there is far more to it all than that. The new Google+ search vehicle may look the business, but it also has a number of hidden dangers for the uninitiated such as inadvertent self-spamming and over-optimisation. Confused? Well, you can certainly be forgiven if you are! The truth of it is that Google+ is a very valuable tool indeed as long as you know how to use it properly. But it can also lower your search ranking if you just go diving in willy-nilly!

Tony Blacker,, Blog post written by Tony Blacker


  1. Simon Pountney-Langham

    Dear Tony, do you ever get bored of being right? LOL

    Great post mate, especially pointing out that your +1s need to come from outside your circles as well as in.

    I wonder though: what would be the impact on really big players in the industry who have tens or hundreds of thousands of people in their cirlces? Most of those people will be the ones likely to +1 their articles etc. Would Google see that as dodgy as well or do you think there would be a sliding scale / ratio employed based on their total circle size etc?

    Tony, will be in touch about our guest post soon and Gemma, well done on the author box in this case I suspect pride will NOT come before a fall :) As always informative and entertaining guys.

  2. facebook_tblacker

    If your circles are huge, then the connections would be seen as those who you have a mutual connection with and/or interact with more frequently. If you are Matt Catts, you may well have 187253 people who have you in THEIR circles, but will probably find his own circles (people who HE wants to follow) is a significantly lower number. Those mutual exchanges are likely to be people you actually know, who would “do you a favour” and add artificial +1′s. but the ones who follow you without a follow back are a natural vote of approval. Hope that makes sense…

    Also, Gemma, the box is funky, thank you :)

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