How to Make Your B2B Blog More Pinteresting!

How to Make Your B2B Blog More Pinteresting!

I’ll admit it, I’m in the grip of a full blown Pinterest addiction! It started innocently enough with me merely checking it out so I could advise my clients on how to incorporate Pinterest into their social media marketing strategies.

Of course I felt I owed it to them to really explore it thoroughly, it is my job after all … And quite how that segued into collecting Art Deco images I’m not entirely sure … Oops!

Cartoon by

Anyway it has been useful as I have been recommending specific ways of using Pinterest to clients and I know that they will reap the benefits in time.

But back to you… something I’ve learnt from the last couple of weeks on Pinterest is that I need to adapt my blogging strategy to make it more Pinterest friendly. And this might be something that helps you too.

Pinterest is easy to feed for businesses with physical products but what about those that provide a service? And particularly those of us that provide a service to other business owners?

Often our blogs and websites are information based with just a few generic photo’s here and there – not the most pinspiring places! But as Pinterest is now driving as much traffic as twitter we don’t want to be left out!

So here’s a few things I’m doing to make my blog more Pinterest friendly, hopefully you’ll be able to incorporate some of these ideas into your blog or website too.

Add a Pinterest share button
Adding this makes it easier for people to pin my stuff, and it shows them I’m happy for them to do it so it should encourage those who are worried about being hit with a copyright law suit!
Watch the video below to guide you through adding your own pin it button to your wordpress blog

Creating more visual posts.
I regularly post cartoons on my Facebook page so I’m gathering some of these into blog posts so I can pin them. Of course I’m not a cartoonist so I am attributing them wherever possible to the artist that created them both in my blog post and in my comment on them on Pinterest.

Adding more video blogs
I found out very early in my explorations that video goes with Pinterest very well. They have a section for people to explore videos only and as with Google there are less videos than anything else – meaning they stand out more! I’ve had videos re-pinned within minutes of pinning them! So as you can know see adding the video to this post above serves several purposes, first it serves as a guide for you if you need it, but secondly it makes my presence on bith YouTube and Pinterest that little bit stronger. Of course I can also share it through other channels – talk about multi-tasking! Phew!

Making my blog more Quotable
Sarah Arrow shared a great little tool recently called Pin-a-Quote whereby pinners reading your blog could highlight a quote to share – see more on that below…

…but as great as that is it got me thinking…

And I thought I needed to be more pro-active, after all most pinners aren’t going to take the time to do that. So I decided to lift what I think the good quotes are out of my blog posts and turn them into images to add back in. It should make my blog more visually appealing as well, much like highlighted quotes in magazine articles. Click here to see one I made earlier!

Pin-able testimonials.
This is the point I’ve auctioned first! Shameless self promotion I know but my testimonials page was such a boring lump of text that it really needed something doing to it! So I turned about half my testimonials into graphics to break up the page … Then I pinned them! You can see them on Pinterest here or pop over to my testimonials page to see how they look on the page – maybe not as polished as a graphic designer could create but certainly better looking than a solid lump of text!

Making sure all pictures used on my blog have:-
The URL for the post they are in
A suitable title (the blog posts title or something else that refers to the post)
A couple of keywords in the alternative text
All this is stuff you should do to help your SEO and potentially drive traffic through Google images but Pinterest is another good reason to make sure all pictures are properly titled and will lead back to where you want them to lead.

Pinning from my blog myself
Once you’ve made your blog or website oh so pin-able, don’t just sit and wait for an avid pinner to stumble across it and start pinning, get it out there yourself! With the concerns over copyright many pinners are happier to re-pin than to pin something for the first time.

Of course Pinterest isn’t all about promoting my blog, I’m also enjoying spending time on it and pinning things that I like that have nothing to do with my business (hence the Art Deco stuff!) And I definitely recommend you do some of that too, this is what allows people to get to know you. And as I hope you know by know the social aspect of social media marketing is vital!

Don’t forget to measure the impact of Pinterest on your social media marketing too!

Over to you, how have you made your business blog more pin-friendly? Have any of these ideas helped? Share your insights in the comments below – I’m looking forward to reading them!


  1. Peter Sandeen

    Hi Gemma,

    Definitely interesting post and something I’ll reconsider. I’ve managed to avoid Pinterest completely so far, but I guess I’ll have to jump in at some point.

    And before I dive into it myself, I can definitely use your idea about adding the pin button on pictures ;) Thanks.

      1. Jason Anthony

        Im with Peter on this one. I havent made the move over to pinterest to discover and play.. but when I do, these tips will be very useful.

        Since you obviously enjoy the site yourself, Im wondering what your thoughts are on marketing saturation over the course of time?

  2. Tracey Clayton

    I’ve just joined and finding it interesting, just hope I don’t get too distracted by it like I already do facebook and twitter! As an organiser I don’t presently carry stock so I think I will find it useful to pin images of photo organising stuff rather than book marking a site and having to remember which product I liked in the first place.

    1. Gemma Thompson

      I’ve got distracted I have to admit! Love your idea of pinning photo organising images – liked your vids that I saw on there too, will pop back over and re-pin them later, I feel another board coming on!

  3. Adam

    I really do like Pinterest, it filled a gap for me. I was never one for bookmarking things. I always found it so uninspiring. My bookmarks would become just long lists of page titles. A bookmark never really said much about why I liked a particular page, where as Pinterest does.

    Pinterest is a marketers dream. Having been involved in Internet Marketing for over 10 years I can see how one could capitalise on it. I mean, Affiliates are jumping on it quicker than you can say knife. However, in my opinion, it would be a shame to tarnish the spirit of Pinterest.

    I believe the key to using Pinterest well is to use it for personal use – first, try and get something out of it, find out why it can be addictive. Then you can see the true potential of Pinterest. Knowing what type of pins generate 10+ likes and repins, will help you create better content that will be shared by others.

    I like this post because it doesn’t concentrate of recommending people to pin their own content, but it encourages them to create better content.

    1. Gemma Thompson

      Hi Adam,
      Thanks ever so for your comment, I totally agree that you need to get into it and play with it, as you say that will really help you to understand it’s power and how to use it. Have to admit I’m not sure my b2b stuff will ever go viral but it might help strengthen relationships, having said that the videos seem popular :)
      Creating better content is definitely a must, but not just because of Pinterest but for the sake of your readers too!

  4. Jason Fonceca

    Well now, if this isn’t a feather in my cap.

    I think I’ve been doing every one of the tips you’ve listed here, since before I knew Pinterest existed!

    Sounds like I’m on the right track, so now… who here is Pining my stuff?

    I’m glad people are talking about Pinterest… I’m a very… um, visual, guy ;)

  5. Mike Garner

    I’m one of the guilty ones that signed up to Pinterest and has done nothing with it. Rightly or wrongly, I look at it in the same way as a Facebook or Google + profile. A way to highlight stuff that I’m interested in like architecture or interior design. Not work related, but part of me as a person. And you are above all a person online aren’t you?

    Having said that, I’ve just added making my business more “pinteresting” (Oh that’s soooo wrong!) to my task list.

    1. Gemma Thompson

      Mike I absolutely agree with you, and I’m spending a lot of time pinning purely personal stuff too … However I would add that my business interests are also very much part of my personality, I am fascinated by social media and love communicating so it all becomes part of one very happy whole :)

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