I have uploaded my video to You Tube… What’s next?

I have uploaded my video to You Tube… What’s next?

You have all heard how video is the best thing since sliced bread, how you have to be creating video, how you *must* have a You Tube Account, and seen Gemma’s participation in the You Tube 30 day challenge. You’ve recorded your video but what do you do after you have uploaded your videos? What’s the next step?

Video-You Tube Optimisation – the first step to getting found.

Write a keyword optimised, eye catching headlines. Easier said than done at times, I know from experience, but your headline has to work for you.

Your headline has three jobs:
1. To get the video to show up when someone searches. Google uses a relevance check to make sure the videos that show up are relevant to the search performed.

2. To convince people to actually click on your video once it shows up in a search.

3. When you share via social media channels the headline draws the eye and encourages the reader to click through and view

The most important thing from the search aspect is writing the title tag is to make sure your main keyword is in the title. The second most important thing is to make sure that your title is well written, that has copy that gets people to click. The third important part of the headline is to get the social clicks via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and G+. Crafting the headline is a big deal as it makes a tremendous difference to how your video gets found and viewed.

Your You Tube Video Descriptions

Have your link to your website in the description and make it an accurate, keyword friendly description that makes people want to click through. You can offer incentives like free checklists if they visit your site or invite them to drop by and subscribe if you are more business focussed. You get nothing if you don’t ask so have a call to action in your description.

Get your You Tube video liked.

The number of likes, favorites and comments you have are some of the most heavily weighed factors for search engine rankings. The more likes, favorites and comments you have, the more YouTube is going to think you have a video worth watching. How can you increase your number of likes, favorites and comments? The traditional method  of course– ask friends and family, people in forums and your  Facebook fans or your Facebook group to help at first. Remember to ask people to “like” and comment  on your actual video. If a verbal call to action isn’t your style you can add the request for comments or likes in annotations. Again, you get nothing if you don’t ask.

How to add annotations to your You Tube video.

As this is important, the next section of this post will show you how to add annotations to your You Tube video. If you don’t feel confident enough to ask for a like or comment in the video then this is how you annotate.

Click annotations You Tube imageClick the annotations tab.

Add-Annotation on you Tube imageChoose the note option. Open the annotation box and type in your call to action. Something along the lines of “If you like this video please leave a comment”

annotations You Tube exampleClick publish and you are done.

I have found an annotation around the 30 second mark works very well. You can see how annotations work in this video (about Pinterest) and a strong call to action one from Gemma in this video here.

You have done many of the things you can do on the You Tube site itself, the next step is to market your video in the same manner as you do your blog posts. You need to build links back to your video to help it stay strong in the search engines and you do this in the same way as you do with blog posts.

You can also add  your videos to other video distribution channels to gain exposure as well as uploading video directly into relevant Facebook groups. Vimeo and Blip.Tv are also popular, along with Tube Mogul for video distribution.

If you spend an extra few minutes after uploading your video to You Tube, crafting your headline, description and call to action, you will see an increase in your You Tube traffic.

To make it easy for you to remember everything when it comes to getting your videos right, I have created a checklist that I give to my coaching clients. Right click and “save as” to download it to your desktop. You Tube Marketing-checklist.

If you like it please share and leave a comment with tips that you have have learned.


Sarah Arrow is a UK based pro blogger and the co-author of Video Pro Blogging, feel free to subscribe for more video tips and a launch day discount.

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  1. Lynn Brown

    Awesome check list here Sarah! I was fortunate to go through a coaching and mentoring program with Tom Breeze one of the best video marketers on the net. All these tips that you share here is what I learned and applied to a new channel I set up for sharing my Linkedin tips. After only 45 days, my channel and videos were ranked on the first page of YouTube and they continue to do so as I increase the number of videos to that channel. It is about consistency as well and sharing, sharing, sharing is huge. Always ask your visitor to ‘like’ but to also share. Too many of us just want to click once and be done – but that doesn’t really do anyone any good. Comments help to get you ranked along with your videos showing up on others sites. Thank you for sharing this information as it is a wonderful resource.

  2. Clint Butler

    I think your probably the first person that I have seen that has taught to use the annotations. I have been to lots of training on video marketing and can tell you I have never heard an instructor teach to use that particular tool. Great job and thanks for all your insight.

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