Learn While You Listen – The Small Business Marketing Report

Learn While You Listen – The Small Business Marketing Report

The digital revolution has led to many changes in our lifestyles, not least of which is the abundance of choice we have when it comes to our viewing and listening choices.

Podcasting is a part of this revolution and gives us the opportunity to learn from experts while we are driving, walking the dog or even sitting at our desks working.

I had the opportunity to experience podcasting from the other side of the microphone last week when Sean Clark and Robert Tyson invited me to be a guest on their show to talk about my best-selling book, The British Book of Social Media Marketing.

They produce their podcast, ‘The Small Business Marketing Report‘ on a fortnightly basis, and cover a huge variety of marketing topics to keep all business owners up to date.


Creating a podcast can be a little more time-consuming than blogging or making video’s, the episode I feature in meant we were talking on Skype for about an hour and I know that after the conversation they still had to edit it before releasing it. They’d also spent a good amount of time prior to the interview reading the book and coming up with some great questions for me.

If you are thinking of offering a podcast it’s a good idea to take note of this, Sean and Robert’s attention to detail make for a great listening experience. Which of course will lead to listener loyalty, making the two to three hours spent making the podcast more likely to be worthwhile.

Consistency is also important. There is something about habit that translates very well to podcasts. Maybe it’s because it’s only in very recent times that we have been able to listen to radio shows on demand and therefore had to ‘tune in’ at the same time every day (or week). So making sure your audio is available the same day and time every week, will build a real feeling of trust with your audience.

If you are thinking about producing your own podcast I’d definitely recommend listening to The Small Business Marketing Report to get some ideas, if you are not interested in hosting your own why not look at becoming a guest on one?

As always I’d love to hear your views on this or your questions on anything to do with social media, just leave me a comment below. Oh and if you want to listen specifically to my interview on The Small Business Marketing Report click here!

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  1. Sean Clark


    It was great to have you on the show, and I would say choice of guest makes a difference to. Somebody that knows their subject matter really makes it easier. Not only that but you can get into a real conversation if you are interested in the subject matter.

    Although the show takes time to produce I would say podcasting can build you authority quicker than any other form of online marketing, because there are still relatively few people doing it. Your podcast also gets listed on iTunes right next to shows produced by the BBC, Harvard Business Review and other world famous names.

    A lot is in the planning and if you plan ahead and practise the post production stuff it can all be quite good fun.

    Once again Gemma thanks for coming on the show, thanks very much for this write up and good luck with the book.


  2. Robert Tyson

    Likewise Gemma, we enjoyed having you on the show! I can only speak for Sean and I but we find podcasting fun as much as anything, and it definitely helps to do it with a partner as having the regular appointment ensures the recording doesn’t get pushed out of the diary by anything ‘more urgent’!

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