Oh For Blogs Sake!

Oh For Blogs Sake!

Do you ever lack confidence in your blogging skills?

When I started blogging, I did too. Some of the doubts that went through my mind included ‘how will I find the time to blog?’, ‘surely everyone else knows this anyway?’ ‘other bloggers are already writing stuff like mine so why bother?’

Then I set myself the challenge of writing a blog before breakfast everyday for a month. It really worked for me, so much so that the last thing I dreamt as I woke up this morning was the word ‘WRITE’ – how’s that for a subconcious desire made conscious? Or is it the other way round?

No matter, but what does matter is knowing what to write about, I awoke thinking ‘write’ but the question was still ‘what about’?

And that really is the key to blogging; a while ago I wrote an almost perfect blog post, perfect length, punchy title, lots of info in pithy and even witty little paragraphs, peppered with keywords, it was a joy akin to the perfect pop song.

The next morning I wrote a post twice the length, containing sod all of my keywords, with barely any useful information for anyone wanting to use facebook or twitter to promote their business! Yet it is a post I am immensely proud of.

In it I said things I needed to say.

By writing it I defined to myself my own point of view.

By sharing it a bared a piece of my soul with my readers.

Google’s spiders might not be overly impressed. But as much as I respect that search engine’s ability to make life easier for us searchers of wisdom online (and as much as I’d love them to point to me as an oracle worth reading!) I don’t write for Google.

I write for you.
I write the words I needed to read when I started on this path.

And I write for me.
I write the things I’m learning so I don’t forget them.

And that’s what’s important when you are trying to think what to write about.

What do your readers need to know?
What was difficult for you to understand when you started?
What helped you understand those things?

Take some time to think about it now and write a list of some of things you think could help your audience. Any tips or tricks of the trade that really made a difference to you.

Don’t worry about whether this is the kind of information they pay you for or not. Chances are that even if you give it away free your clients will still come flocking to you to hear it again from your own lips, after all we all need a little repetition to help us learn! And if you really feel uncomfortable you can turn it into a book.

But for blog’s sake get blogging! And don’t just blog for blogs sake – do it for your sake and your clients!

Over To YOU! What effect has blogging had on your business? What’s holding you back from blogging? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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