When Should Your Facebook Page Be Posting?

When Should Your Facebook Page Be Posting?

There you are, busily creating informative and time-sensitive content to keep your facebook page likers up-to-date. But are your posts are being seen at the right time?

timing your facebook page posts

In the past I always assumed they went out straight away.

Of course I knew that not everybody would see them straight away, as they may not be online at that time. But I assumed they’d see it the next time they logged on … assuming they scrolled down far enough!

But recently I’ve discovered that our facebook page posts don’t automatically get sent into the newsfeed instantly.

And this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with EdgeRank.

A couple of experiences highlighted this, about a month ago I posted my latest blog to my facebook page as I always do. Usually this results in at least 30-40 reads but this day nothing. Complete silence.

At first I thought maybe the post title wasn’t enticing, but an hour or so later when I still hadn’t had any hits I started to wonder if the link was broken. I reposted it through my own profile and asked if people would click on it and check it – sure enough I started getting a few hits.

It wasn’t till I suddenly saw my stats take off the next day, then saw the post had dropped into my newsfeed, that I realised what was going on – I’d posted it to my page but it hadn’t been sent out to peoples newsfeeds!

This seemed at first to be a one off, a glitch…

But then earlier this week I saw the post below had dropped into my newsfeed – and I could see that the page owner had sent it out the previous week.

Now with all the discussion about promoted posts this time I really pricked up my ears!

Could it be that facebook are making posting to your facebook page less time relevant? If so is this to increase the use of promoted posts?

I don’t know.

But I do know that there is a lesson to be learnt here - we shouldn’t rely on our facebook page posts going out in ‘real-time’, we need to plan ahead a little further – if you have a special offer coming up or are trying to capitalise on an event or holiday or some such, post at least 3 days before you think you have to!

Over to you – have you noticed any slow posts going out?


  1. Naomi Johnson

    This is interesting Gemma – can’t say I’ve noticed a problem other than with the Networked Blogs app – it does sometimes take over 24 hrs for blog posts to appear on Facebook via that. I wonder if the problem you’ve seen is anything to do with the recent Scheduled Posts update – perhaps there’s some sort of glitch with that still??

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